Our Services

NESWC providers round at facilities on a weekly basis and are on call 24 hours a day. They provide the most up-to-date wound healing treatment practices to achieve superior wound healing for the patient. This results in faster healing times and reduced cost to facilities.

Services Rendered

We collaborate with other physicians to treat conditions such as Osteomyelitis and Peripheral Vascular Disease. We also collaborate to perform routine skin care and surgical intervention of large wounds.

Bedside Procedures


At NESWC our documentation has always met and exceeded the CMS guidelines for clinical wound care and is timely and accurate. Your facility will be provided with a report that provides a comprehensive clinical progress note which includes detailed wound data, treatments and plan of care interventions. The facilities are provided “portal access” to obtain the records with requisite training on the system. Our documentation system is HIPAA compliant.


Clinical trials are the mainstay of evidence-based medicine. For years, Northeast Surgical Wound Care has worked with numerous medical companies to provide clinical research study opportunities for our patients. Our studies have included wound care devices, nutritional supplements and other wound care products.

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